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Precast Concrete Products

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Precast Concrete Design

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Why Precast

Precast concrete offers many cost advantages over other cladding: economical, year-round production and installation.

Design v Cost

Employing design options intelligently adds a great deal of interest to a project with only minimal cost increases.


Understanding architectural precast cost is essential to designing elaborate façades that enhance the building.

Architectural Finishes

Rely on the practical experience of Wilco Precast for decorative finishes for architectural precast concrete products.

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Reveal strips can add visual interest to a building clad with architectural precast concrete panels.

Oxide Colouring

Architectural precast concrete can be made in a range of colours, textures and finishes. This requires great skill and precision.

Technical Information

Commercial Insulation

There are many examples of high mass structures that produce thermally efficient, comfortable work environments.

Residential Insulation

Residential thermal performance: concrete has an inherent capacity to absorb and store thermal energy.


Precast Concrete is a durable and long lasting building product. If properly maintained it will stand the test of time.

Stain Removal

Trained professionals should be used to perform the required stain removal  procedures.

Delivery Parameters

Maximum precast panel sizes are determined by the ability to be able ship them to site.